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Grand Canyon transportation

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There has been some discussion about the best way to get to Cliff Dwellers. After a lot of research, I plan to fly to Vegas, renting a car and dropping it off in Page, Arizona (40 miles from Cliff Dwellers). Looking on Expedia, you could rent an SUV or a minivan from Hertz one-way for $175 if you drop it on the same day. It is about 260 miles, so figure $50 or so in gas. This also gives you the option of stopping at the North Rim and Angel's Window on the way out. There is a transportation company in Page that will drive us the 40 miles back to Cliff Dwellers for $150 - in a van that holds 10 people. So if a few of us do this, we can share the ride back to Cliff Dwellers. Or maybe someone with a car would come pick us up.

Sightseeing on the way: I like Angel's Window at Cape Royal in the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The winding road to this amazing lookout is a 60 mile detour; you should allow at least 3 hours round trip.

Katie, Kevin, Kjersti and Edsel will arrive in Vegas Saturday night August 26. I had considered having them take a bus to Flagstaff, ($40 each) and then a taxi to Cliff Dwellers ($200). This is because they are too young to rent a car. But Blake appears to be willing to come to Vegas on Sunday, rent a car and drive them to Cliff Dwellers. This will save them time and money…thanks Blake!

I have not yet decided my final plans, but here is the current favorite: Sabrina, Katherine, Shane and I will fly to Vegas Friday night. We will rent a car and drive toward Bryce Canyon. We will then spend Saturday at Bryce, and drive in the evening to the North Rim. We will spend Sunday at the North Rim/Angel's Window, then drive to Cliff Dwellers. I will drop everyone off and then proceed to Page to return the car. I hope to meet with Blake at some point during the day on Sunday (in Page, if not before). My one-way rental cost will be about $350 – plus gas, hotels and meals.

On the way home, Hatch will drop us at Las Vegas North airport. A free shuttle will take us to McCarran (the main Las Vegas airport), arriving around noon on Sunday September 3. Hatch does not recommend taking a flight home earlier than 3pm in case of delays. Alaska has a 2:45pm flight and a 6:10pm flight. As much as I hate the idea of sitting around the airport for 6 hours, the later flight seems like the safest choice. If we arrive early, Alaska is usually good about allowing you to go on an earlier flight with little or no cost - if there are seats.

Katie, Kevin, Kjersti and Edsel will spend on more night in Las Vegas and fly home on Monday September 4.

Page to Cliff Dwelllers

Scott Nysis from “Helping Hands” (office: 928-645-9596, mobile: 928-640-1805) has agreed to provide us a 12 person van and driver to take us from Page airport to Cliff Dwellers on Sunday August 27th for $150. I told Scott that we would probably be ready around 10pm, but could be ready earlier. Scott will give us a contact number for the driver once we get closer to the date.

My tentaive agenda for August 27 (I will stay somewhere between Bryce and the North Rim Saturday night):
Morning: Explore the North Rim area - 42 miles from Jacob Lake and the turn from highway 89
2pm: go to Cape Royal - Angel's Window - 20 mile drive
4pm: head to cliff Dwellers - 92 miles from Cape Royal
6pm: arrive Cliff Dwellers, unload luggage/passengers, check in
- wait for other drivers -
~8pm: drive to Page - 47 miles
~9pm meet all other drivers at Page Airport - Hertz return area. Van drives us back to Cliff Dwellers

My mobile number is 206-778-8974


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Sounds good to me. I'll be driving out of Vegas on the morning of the 27th, so getting to Page airport by that evening is no problem. I'd prefer to leave earlier than 10pm.

Tentative agenda for Jay and Kat:
- Leave LV after we wake up
- Drive to Cliff Dwellers, stopping anywhere that looks interesting
- Drop Kat off at CD
- Drive to Page to meet the shuttle at 9pm
- Read a book until 11:30pm when people actually arrive
- return to Cliff Dwellers


Ken gross, Norm Rasmussen and I will be arriving at PAGE some time on the 27th probably around 6 or 7:00pm. We will find something to entertain us I am sure maybe a laundromat since we will have been on the road for about 6 days. We will be arriving from the northwest on Highway 89 so we will not see any of you that are driving through Cliff Dwellers. My cell is 206 9921974.

Page to Cliff Dwellers

Morey Grosse, Tim Grosse, Keri Grosse and boys will be departing Las Vegas on the 27th in the early afternoon, at the latest. Thus, they should have no problem getting the car to Page in time for return by van. I will see that they have all the relevant telephone numbers. Theirs are: Morey - 509.669.8831, Keri - 509.293.2275.

Thanks, Ken Grosse

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My kids and I will fly to Las Vegas Friday and travel with Mike to Bryce and the North Rim before we all meet at Cliff Dwellers.

Chris and Alex have never seen the Grand Canyon, and I have not been to the North Rim since I was 15. It should give us a good acrophobia warm up for the Deer Creek Falls hike.

Oh, we are bringing Blake.